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Interfaith Ketubah Text

Posted by Jennifer on

Interfaith weddings offer a unique and beautiful opportunity. They are the joining of two traditions, religions and cultures into one and bring together family and friends from both to celebrate and rejoice. An interfaith Ketubah is a symbol of this connection and can be customized by the bride and groom to express their unique thoughts and feelings on this special occasion.

There is no standard interfaith Ketubah. Interfaith Ketubahs are simply Ketubahs, or Jewish wedding contracts, that have a design and an interfaith Ketubah text that is more reflective of the tastes and values of both partners – Jewish and non-Jewish – in one document for an interfaith marriage.

Example of Interfaith Text

Many traditional Jewish Ketubahs are a bit intimidating to an interfaith couple and may not express their thoughts, reflect their view of the future or appeal to the non Jewish partner.

Jessy Judaica has a very broad array of Ketubot that offer interfaith texts. These texts have been carefully crafted and vary from artist to artist. The easiest and quickest way to choose an interfaith Ketubah is to search Ketubahs by text and look for a design that artistically appeals to you with an accompanying interfaith text that reflects your thoughts on the marriage. It is this combination of artistry and written expression that create a great Ketubah.

A Ketubah is a very personal document and since interfaith Ketubahs are not bound by Jewish law, there is great flexibility to create exactly what you want. It is a chance to reflect the values and traditions of both partners and their respective traditions and cultures or to simply create a unique set of wedding vows.

The cost of the interfaith Ketubah is the same as other Ketubot if you choose a standard interfaith text. Couples who wish to create their own text or modify existing text will have to consider the extra calligraphy costs to customize the Ketubah to their specifications. Alternatively, Ketubahs are also sold blank with no text inserted and the couple can insert their own text or have an artistic friend complete it for them.

There is also the flexibility to insert the Interfaith Ketubah into the wedding service in a variety of ways. It can be signed before the ceremony as in many Jewish weddings or after the ceremony at the reception or dinner as in many non Jewish marriages. Almost all couples leave the Ketubah on display for their guests to read and most also make a point of explaining the symbolism and history of Ketubah at some point during the ceremony or reception. Many couples who create a custom text also recite it or have it read during the ceremony.

Regardless of religious affiliation, a Ketubah provides a tangible and eternal expression of the joining of two people. Once framed and displayed it becomes a beautiful piece of artwork with deep and significant meaning for a lifetime.