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About Artist Direct Ketubah

Posted by Jennifer on

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We are proud to be a Certified Artist Direct Retailer. We have represented many of the world’s finest ketubah artists since 1996. We offer the works of over 40 renowned, internationally acclaimed artists. With over 475 ketubot, we offer one of the largest and most comprehensive online ketubah collections & have something to suit every taste and style and every ketubah is Artist Direct.

In recent years, many online ketubah retailers have contracted the right to digitize the works of various artists. They print these digitized images in-house with virtually no involvement from the artist. The artist receives a small commission from the company, usually 15%. The production is not supervised by the artist and the Ketubah is not printed on the artist's choice of paper. More importantly, unlike true fine art, these ketubot are not signed and numbered by the artists.

When you buy Artist Direct:

  1. You receive a work of true fine art directly from the artist.
  2. You will be able to communicate directly with your artist.
  3. Your artist will complete your ketubah to your exact specifications.
  4. Your ketubah will be signed and numbered by the artist.**
  5. Your artist will properly package and ship your ketubah.
  6. Your artist will fully guarantee your ketubah.
  7. You are directly supporting the finest ketubah artists in the world.

Do not settle for second best when buying a ketubah to symbolize your love and last a lifetime. Call us today toll free at 1-888-884-3004 to learn more.

If it's not Artist Direct, it's not true fine art.