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How to Choose The Perfect Kippah For An Event

Posted by Jennifer on

When making plans for a bar-mitzvah or Jewish wedding, many people wonder what advantage there would be to rewarding their guests with custom made- yarmulkes or kippahs. In addition to being an important religious symbol, the simple yarmulke will be a source of happiness and curiosity to people attending your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Many of your non-Jewish guests may enquire about those little hats that men wear on their heads in the synagogue. Here is a simple, accurate answer.

The little hat is a yarmulke, (also known as a kippah), a Yiddish word derived from the Polish word for “cap.” A yarmulke is typically worn during the time of prayer. That’s your very basic definition. But more than a point of curiosity, the simple yarmulke can add a great deal to your affair.

A yarmulke is one Jewish detail that you can tie in to your affair’s color theme while providing the men who are attending your ceremony a wonderful take-home memento from your special day. We all know that every household has a stash of yarmulkes collected from special occasions like a friend’s Bar Mitzvah, a favorite Wedding or the yarmulke your father-in-law accidentally wore home from the temple’s Rosh Hashanah morning service. This collection of yarmulkes may come in handy the next time you have Passover dinner at your house.

Back to weddings & B-M’s and the ideas that’ll make your guests want to keep your kippah.

Yarmulkes come in a huge variety of colors and materials. Yarmulkes are made of satin, velvet, leather, suede, and yarn that is knitted or crocheted. Yarmulkes also come in everything from recycled cardboard to bamboo. They can have a sports theme, an animal print, even your wedding logo. There is no yarmulke too sparkly or too plain! They are also featured in your photos on the heads of your male VIPs. Details on your special day are key so let your yarmulkes have a place in your album! And for outdoor ceremonies, who needs SPF 40 when you have a yarmulke?

Buying yarmulkes (also known as “kippahs”) for your wedding does not have to be stressful. You can design and order them online in a matter of minutes. On our website, we provide yarmulkes/kippahs of every shape and color. Ordering online is an easy way to mix and match, buy in bulk and get great deals on yarmulkes for your affair!

The only thing that could take some time when choosing the perfect yarmulke or kippah for your affair is the decision making process. Yarmulkes come in a huge variety of colors and materials. Yarmulkes are made of satin, velvet, leather, suede, and yarn that is knitted or crocheted. Perhaps having another pair of eyes might help while searching for the perfect yarmulke.

There are also various types of yarmulkes you can buy to suit your style, theme or needs. Spend some time online and you can find embossed yarmulkes with paisley patterns, sports teams, instruments, hobbies, happy faces and hundreds of other images that can all be included in your yarmulke design. You can even have your picture put on your yarmulke.

Displaying yarmulkes at your wedding can also be a creative project and detail element.

Find a cute chest, basket, or box to put the yarmulkes in and as guests enter your ceremony area they can pick them up. Line the card or gift table with yarmulkes or appoint someone to pass them out as guests are seated prior to your ceremony.

Don’t forget…a groom or Bar Mitzvah boy can sport his own special yarmulke while the rest of the party wears a different design. Can we say groomsmen gift? It’s just so simple!

So be sure to spend some time thinking about the humble yarmulke and all it can add to your special day.