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Jewish Wedding Favors | Top 10 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Guests

Posted by Jennifer on

You’ve checked off your venue. You’ve found the tastiest caterer around and booked them well in advance. The invitations are in the mail. Your dream wedding dress is in the closet. Well, now it’s time to have some fun! And yes, that means wedding favors.

Fortunately, we have the power of the internet in this day and age. One quick search will yield thousands of favor ideas that put your mothers’ monogrammed handkerchief wedding favor to shame. I spent days drooling (I mean looking) at wedding favors online and here are my top ten pieces of advice for planning:

1. Use Those Puns

A smart, well timed play on words can make or break any wedding favor. Brainstorm favors that could have a catchy phrase. Give your guests the gift of a nice, hearty laugh.

Match Wedding Favor

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2. Symbols Are Powerful

What is so meaningful to you that you would want to share it with family and friends?

The Hand (Khamsa), the open right hand, is a sign of protection that we all know represents blessings, power, and strength. Customize your own on with your event date, names, and unique message.

Jewish Wedding Favor

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3. Classy Never Hurts

Umm.. Who doesn’t like champagne? Your guests will only remember your wedding night as a fairytale when they sip their mimosa the morning after. Personalize every mini bottle with your own message and event details on the label.

Champagne Wedding Favor

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4. Help Them Remember Your Wedding At Every Holiday

Every Jewish guy has a collection of kippah from that awkward Mitzvah event to the best friends’ wedding. Give them one they will actually want to wear. Design your own custom kippah at Jessy Judaica to match your wedding theme colors. Help your uncle ditch that flimsy black suede kippah for something with a little more style.

Custom Kippah For Weddings

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5. Be Merciful

If you know your family has a tendency to get a little rowdy, they would be very grateful the next morning if you gave them a personalized hang over kit.

Hangover Kit Wedding Favor

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6. Everybody Loves A Glass

In every kitchen cabinet there are a few wedding glasses that have survived the years. Design yours right and all of your friends and family will be drinking their OJ while remembering your wedding.

Mason Jar Wedding Favor

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7. Rustic Is Allowed

What about those people who just don’t want to give anything glitzy? Go rustic. It never hurt anybody. And it actually looks pretty darn nice.

Monogram Jewish Wedding Favor

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8. Don’t Forget Mother Earth

It’s not just for the eco-friendly, hippy couple. Local saplings with personalized planting directions will make everybody happy, including the planet.

Sapling Wedding Favor

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9. Give ’em something sweet. And get personal.

Candy is a hit. Enough said.

Candy Bag Jewish Wedding Favor

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10. Heat Up The Dance Floor

If you know everyone is going to get down and dirty on the dance floor, a nice set of dancing shoes goes a long way for the ladies. And they will be thanking you when they take their new flip flops on their tropical holiday.

Dancing Shoes Wedding Favor

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Whew, there it is, my top ten recommendations for wedding favor ideas! Think I missed something? Leave me a comment below!