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Bar Mitzvah Theme Ideas

Posted by Jennifer on

A theme can take a regular ole’ party and transform it into the event of a lifetime. When it comes to a Bar Mitzvah, you want to celebrate like it’s New Years Eve 1999. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to have one night devoted to people appreciating you! So why not brainstorm what you love the most and turn it into the theme of your party? The options are endless. Let’s take a look at some rocking themes that will get the party started.

1. Sports Theme

Decorate your event with your favorite sport accessories. Take advantage of the small details like invitations, favors, table settings, and more. Use your creativity to customize details with a combination of your most loved sports, favorite pro sports team, or focus only on your sport of choice.

A great example of basketball themed table decorations.

sports theme bar mitzvah

Photo courtesy of Occasions Online

Take it a step further and customize your dance floor using the playing field of your sport theme. What an awesome job at this hockey themed Bar Mitzvah!

Hockey Sports Theme Bar Mitzvah

Photo courtesy of Pictures by Todd

The small touches can make a big difference when planning your sports theme. Why not brainstorm the little details that can be transformed to support your theme? Check out how this Mitzvah used fan fingers to hold name cards for guests!

Bar Mitzvah Sports Theme

Photo courtesy of

2. Carnival Theme

Every kid dreams of going to the theme park. Roller coaster rides, junk food, and spectacular sights are part of the fun. Bringing a roller coaster to your party might be tough, but what if you customized your Bar Mitzvah to be the carnival of your dreams?

We’re talking arcade games, ring toss, skeeball, popcorn machines, jugglers, stilt walkers… sound fun or what?

Carnival Bar Mitzvah Theme

Photo courtesy of Callaway Gable LLC

3. Movie Star Theme

Hollywood inspires the movie star inside us all. Play famous for a night and decorate your party like it’s the Oscars. Create a red carpet scene with life size Oscars and balloons. On your Mitzvah invitations assign your guests a celebrity to dress up as and use movie tickets for invites.

Movie Theme Bar Mitzvah

Photo courtesy of

Think about your Hollywood entrance, VIP?

Hollywood Bar Mitzvah Theme

Photo courtesy of Steel City Promotions

4. Music Theme

Maybe sports really aren’t your cup of tea. If music rocks your world then create your party theme around your favorite music artist or genre.

Handpick your DJ set with music that will get your friends on the dance floor. Accessorize your party with faux guitars. Customize your invitations to be music oriented.

If you are talented on the music creation side, offer your guests a special performance so you can steal the show.

Use table centerpieces to decorate with your favorite instrument or music star.

Music Theme Bar Mitzvah

Photo courtesy of Lifetyme Photo & Video

Decorate place settings with retro albums of your favorite artists.

Music Theme Bar Mitzvah

Photo courtesy of

5. Video Game Theme

If your idea of a snow day is spent playing video games with friends then this theme will be right down your alley. The first task is to choose whether you want to focus on a specific video game, gaming system, or retro. To create a retro theme you can bring back Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari, etc. and focus on the classic games and characters. Create a Mario Brothers theme or Pac Man.

If you prefer the video games of the present then design your party around your current gaming choice. Be sure to carve out time for video game tournaments giving a gift pack to the top couple of finalists.

Centerpieces ideas can focus on the theme of choice, in this case, Xbox.

Video Game Mitzvah Themey

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Have any other themes that rock? Post them below in our comments section. Have fun!