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The Significance Of The Chuppah Jewish Wedding Tradition

Posted by Jennifer on

Go to any Jewish wedding around the world and you are guaranteed to hear one word, can you guess what it is? That's right, the chuppah! If you have ever wondered why the chuppah is a Jewish wedding tradition or what it symbolizes, you are in the right place. Let's take a moment to get to the bottom of this iconic Jewish wedding symbol.


Courtesy of Elegance and Simplicity

The chuppah literally means covering or safety and security. In reality, chuppah is the word to describe the roof or covering where the bride and groom stand during the wedding ceremony. Generally, the chuppah has four poles with a tapestry forming the roof. However, many couples choose to use the chuppah as a means for personalizing their own wedding by crafting a unique chuppah shelter. This can range from a intricate weave of plants and flowers to groomsmen holding up four poles with a prayer shawl draped over top.

Unique Jewish Wedding Chuppah Handmade

Courtesy of Janet Howard Studio

Not only is the chuppah a tangible object, the word is also used to describe the wedding ceremony. So don't get confused when a wedding guest approaches and asks, "So..... when are they gonna get rolling with the Chuppah?"! The chuppah also serves a legal purpose within the marriage ceremony. It is the final act that legally permits the Jewish couple to be officially married, which is known as chuppah ve'kiddushin.

Makeshift Chuppah

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Now we know what the chuppah is, but what does it represent? The chuppah serves as a reminder that the bride and groom are creating a new home amongst themselves. The physical roof, even if it is more symbolic than functional, serves as a safe place where the couple can commit to one another and embark on a life together. And the makeshift chuppah reminds us that no matter how rich or poor, the bride and groom will make a home together with the smallest of means as long as they stay true to their commitment!