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About Artist Direct Ketubah

We are proud to be a Certified Artist Direct Retailer. We have represented many of the world’s finest ketubah artists since 1996. We offer the works of over 40 renowned, internationally acclaimed artists. With over 475 ketubot, we offer one of the largest and most comprehensive online ketubah collections & have something to suit every [...]

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​History of The Kippah

The Kippa, kippah or Kippot (plural) is commonly identified worldwide as traditional Jewish headwear, although it is also worn by Muslims, Buddhists, other religious sects, as well as Roman Catholic clergy. In Judaism, kippot are almost always worn by Orthodox Jews, and customarily worn by Conservative & Reform Jews at weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, celebrations and [...]

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The Origin of the Ketubah

Today, ketubahs come with many different texts that address the myriad of orientations in our modern society. But the original ketubah text, written in Aramaic is still the same after all these centuries and if you order an orthodox text…your ketubah will read exactly like the original.The ketubah is the original wedding contract that states [...]

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