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Unique Ketubah Ideas

Posted by Jennifer on

Unique Idea #1: Create Your Own Custom Ketubah Text

What’s more unique than writing your very own ketubah text? Depending on your preference you can choose to include more traditional aspects of the contract. Make it a romantic exercise with your fiancee and draft a text that is heartfelt and meaningful to you both as a couple. Below are the basic tenants that are included in most ketubah texts.

  • Where the wedding is taking place: Include the city and state if in the USA. Include the country if you prefer.
  • The date of the week of the wedding- Double check with your wedding officiant that everything is good to go.
  • The Hebrew date of the wedding: If you are not familiar with Hebrew, remember that Hebrew days begin at sunset. If your wedding is after sunset then you should list the following day’s Hebrew date.
  • Your names and your parents’ names: traditionally the names are written in the following form: “Linda daughter of Michael and Betsy/Ben son of Benjamin and Stephanie.” Consult with your rabbi to determine which names to include. The majority of Orthodox rabbis prefer to just have the fathers’ names, while Conservative rabbis can be more flexible and include both.

Some popular ketubah artists that allow orders with custom text are:

This Is Not A Ketubah who crafts artsy modern ketubah designs.Modern Ketubah

Rachel Deitsch custom text ketubahs are very popular

Rachel Deitsch KetubahsUnique Ketubah Idea #2: Commission a Paper Cut Ketubah

Nothing says unique like a paper cut ketubah design specially made for you. The attention to detail in a paper cut ketubah is unmatched. In the past two decades paper cut ketubahs have made a come back. With current laser production availability, the sophistication and intricacy of designs are extremely unique.

Tip: Browse a papercut ketubah gallery to familiarize yourself with different paper cut artists. Then choose an artist whose style catches your eye AND meets your budget.

Some popular paper cut ketubah artists are:

Danny Azoulay- of the finest ketubah artists on the planet.

Antique Lace_SHI6615

Ardyn Halter- Another renowned paper cut ketubah artist.halter_papercut

Unique Ketubah Idea #3: Go 3D!

3D ketubah artist Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin is a leader in the 3D ketubah field. It takes over 40 hours to cut and create a 3D ketubah, if that isn’t unique crafting than what is? The artist hand cuts the ketubah layers and assembles the piece of art with delicate care.

Our Love Opens Door

Hopefully with a few ideas for unique ketubahs you can brainstorm what it is that will make your ketubah stand out. Jot down a few ideas of what is important to you, narrow down your artist selection, and find your perfect ketubah print!