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Ketubah Personalization

What is ketubah personalization?
Every ketubah contains blank spaces that have to be filled in to complete the document. In some cases the ketubah is completed by the rabbi or officiate, though most couples prefer to have their wedding details, in Hebrew and English (names, parents names, wedding date, wedding location), filled in by the artist in the same calligraphy style as the ketubah. Whenever possible, we recommend having the original artist do the personalization of the ketubah. Having your ketubah personalized by the artist ensures that you will have a beautiful and integrated piece of art to cherish forever. A personalized ketubah can also be modified in other ways such as increasing the number of signature lines or inserting other information. There is an extra charge of $75 for personalized ketubahs, and delivery takes between 3-8 weeks, although rush orders can be filled.

What is a non-personalized ketubah?
You have the option of purchasing your ketubah unpersonalized and having a local calligrapher or your Rabbi fill in the blank spaces. Ketubahs that are not personalized are usually received within 10 days or less, and rush orders can be accommodated.

How do we submit our personalization information?
You can either fill out our online form or print out the form and fax it to us.

If one of us isn’t Jewish, what name do we use in the Hebrew text?
Not to worry. We will transliterate the name for you. This means writing the English name in Hebrew letters.

Are our parents names included on the ketubah?
Your parent’s names are included on your ketubah in either Hebrew and/or English, depending on the text and design you have chosen. If your parent’s names will be in Hebrew and you are unsure of their Hebrew names, we can transliterate them for you.


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