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Creation Life Energy Ketubah

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Prayer for Doctor

The creation of life and energy through the unification of human and nature.

"Ki Haadam Etz Hasade"-Quote at the base.
"A person is like the tree of a field..." (Deut. Dvarim 20:19)
A tree needs the four basic elements in order to survive-
soil, water, air, and fire (sun).
Human beings also require the same basic elements.

Energy flow throught the Chakras and Sefirot
The 7 Chakras interlaced with the 7 Levels of the Kabbalah tree of life.
(not the 10 sefirot)

Sahasrara (above head) = Keter

Ajna (brow)= Binah Hokmah

Vishuddha (throat)= Gevurah Hesed Din

Ahanhata (heart)= Tifaret

Manipura (navel) =Hod

Swadhisthana (genitals)=Netzah

Muladhara (base of spine)=Yesod Shchina

Please note: If you purchase this ketubah with personalization, your information will be filled in via computer-print rather than hand-calligraphy. Hand-calligraphy is not available with this ketubah.

Available Texts:
Orthodox no English
Orthodox with English 1
Orthodox with Modern English 2
Orthodox with English 2 Translated
Orthodox with English 2 with French
Sephardic - Israel
Sephardic #1
Conservative with Lieberman Clause no English
Conservative with Lieberman Clause with English 2
Conservative with Lieberman Clause with English 4
Conservative with Spanish and English
Reform Hebrew with English 1
Reform Hebrew with English 2
Reform Hebrew with English 3
Interfaith 1
Interfaith 2
Interfaith 3
Interfaith 4
Anniversary 1
Anniversary 2
Secular Humanistic 1
Secular Humanistic 2
Secular Humanistic 3
Hebrew French English
Hebrew French 2
Toronto Reform

Creation Life Energy Ketubah

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