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3D Ketubahs

Each 3D ketubah is carefully researched and designed.  The ketubot are hand cut with 6 to 12 individual layers and assembled by artist Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin. Each ketubah can take up to 40 hours to produce and assemble.  The 3D ketubah will be framed in a hardwood shadowbox frame, with UV protective glass. The 3D portion of the art is secured to the inside of the frame. Turning points on the back of the frame allow the matted text layer (the entire design including the ketubah text) to be removed, signed and returned easily. Picture hanging wire and directions how to apply it to the D-rings on the back of the frame is also provided.

If a different style of frame is desired, the completed (framed) computer can be taken to a framer, where a frame of the client's choice can be purchased. It should be sized to fit over the black shadowbox frame and glued to create one overall framed look.